Hálgu - sounds of Sápmi

Hálgu - sounds of Sápmi

Vad är Hálgu?

Hálgu är en samisk musikblogg, en Facebooksida och en klubb vid namn Club Hálgu.
För frågor och förfrågningar: info(at)halgu.se
Gamla bloggen :www.metrobloggen.se/halgu (mars 2008- februari 2011)

What is Hálgu?
Hálgu is a Sami music blog, a Facebook page and a club.
Club Hálgu.
For questions and requests: info(at)halgu.se
The old blog. From March 2008 to February 2011:www.metrobloggen.se/halgu

Here you can read more about Sápmi and the Sami languages: Samer.se

Hálgu five favorites from 2018

News/NyheterPosted by Marica Fri, December 07, 2018 09:53:44
Hello friends, these five songs from Sápmi have I listen to most in 2018. What song Sápmi have you listened to most. New or old, tell me?

1. Maxida Märak - Järnrör
Cool song. Good beats and good lyric. If you understand Swedish listen to the Maxida Märak rap.

2. Kevin Boine - Rundt Fingern feat. JKM
He tells the truth about relationships.

3. Biti - Don Faket
If you want to dance. Dance to Biti.

4. Marja Mortensson - Mojhtesh Memories
Nobody sings as beautiful as Marja Mortensson.
I'm sorry because I did not find any video.

5. Isák - Elle
The band Isák borrowed Mari Boine's old song. Now Elle is their song. You understand when you listen.

A reminder
Tell me what song from Sápmi you've listened to most this year.
New or old, it does not matter.

Marica <3

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